The signs of cancer can be very small and easy to miss ant that is why some people find out about the disease too late. Most of them even feel fine when they are blindsided with the diagnosis. For that reason, recognizing the signs of cancer can be of vital importance for you as that can save your life. These are the early sings of cancer you must not ignore:

Lump beneath the skin – they are often discovered by people who do self-exams regularly. A good way to distinguish when you have a change in your body is by touching it and getting to know its usual feeling. Start doing self-examinations on your breasts, testicles, armpits, throat, abdomen, and skin, i.e. soft tissues, in order to discover changes before they develop into larger tumors.

Changes in bowel movement – anything which lasts for more than 2 days should be a concern like blood in the stool. This may be a sign of colon cancer, thus you have to seek medicinal help. Other changes you need to pay attention to is pain during elimination, lighter color of the stool, darker color of the stool, constipation or diarrhea, or mucus.

Loss of appetite or trouble swallowing – everything that disrupts our digestive process is of concern as it hurts the ability of your body to get nutrition from the food you have been consuming.
Bumps on the mouth or tongue – those whitish colored bumps which appear inside the mouth, gums, and throat should be a cause for concern. Visit a doctor in case you notice them.

Bleeding – you have to check yourself if you notice unexplained bleeding which can’t be accounted for by a menstrual cycle. Blood from the nipples, uterus, or other bodily excretions need to be examined.
Coughing – cancer which grows in the lungs, esophagus, throat, and even stomach can cause coughing. Visit your doctor if it is not a result of other illness.

Wounds that do not heal – in case you have cut yourselves on the sin and it takes too long to heal, or you see little progress, then it may be a sign of cancer. The immune system prioritizes the defense zones and cancer is priority for all available bodily resources before the wound. Make sure to take great care in order to keep the wound clean and consider getting blood screening in order to be cautious.

Changes in voice – the pitch and tone of your voice can be changed due to cancer of the larynx. If there are changes in your voice it may be a sign that a tumor is growing in your body.
Changes in urination – changes in the strength of our urine flow, the color, smell, presence of foam, or blood need to be instantly checked.

Itchy skin – our bodies treat cancer as bacteria and the immune system tries to fight it through using the white blood cells to destroy it. This starts increasing the blood flow in the area of cancer cells, causing it to feel warm, appear red, feel tight, itchy, and change color.

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