One Big Mistake You Do in Your Car That May Kill You

Every time you sit in your car and turn on the motor, you are endangering your health and the health of those with you. Now, you’ve probably ask how?

You’re leaving your car outside, almost always with the windows closed. So, if you abandon it in a pleasant shade, it can amass 400-800 mg of benzene, while if you stop the auto in the sun, (in a temperature higher than 16 degrees celsius) , the level of benzene can achieve 2000-4000 mg, which is 40 times more than the allowed level.

When you sit inside your car with windows closed, you’re breathing in all that benzene, not knowing that this poison influences your kidneys, the liver and the bone tissue.

In the vehicle’s manual, it is recommended to open the auto’s windows before turning on the A/C, yet they do not clarify why, with the exception of that it is useful for the auto’s performance.

Medical explanation:

The explorations after effects demonstrate that before it begins to cool the air, the aeration and cooling system launches all the warmed ventilate, and with it – the benzene, a poison which causes various diseases.

So, when you’re sitting in your car with the A\C on, if you don’t notice any odor, open the windows for a few minutes and then enjoy the cool air from the A\C! Also, leave the windows open for a couple of more minutes, before starting your car.

If you want to shield your life from poisons, you need to make this into a habit while you are in your auto, since the outcomes can be greatly disastrous.

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