Aloe Vera Usage Instructions: Why Does This Plant Mean So Much To Our Body?

Aloe Vera is well-known by its almost unlimited health properties, as its gel is being extracted and applied both internally (as a smoothie), and externally through a number of cosmetic products. In places such as Spain, Aloe Vera is almost as common as weed, and people there certainly know how to take advantage of it. The rest are always invited to plant their own homegrown aloe (you can even grow it on the window or on the balcony), as this nature’s piece of work grows in almost all weather conditions.

Here is how you can benefit from Aloe Vera:

  • Take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut it in half, and then use it to run burns, wounds, or cuts right after they’re created.
  • Apply it on sunburns as it will relieve the pain
  • Apply it on your skin, as it helps rejuvenate it and it accelerates cell growth (Aloe Vera is definitely the best natural moisturizer out there!)
  • It comes with plenty antioxidant and anti-fungal properties, which means you can use it to treat mouth candidiadis)
  • It contains all possible Vitamins (B12 in particular!), which means it can substitute your meat supply
  • It is rich with minerals (magenisum, calcium, potassium, iron, cooper, chromium, manganese, zinc, and many other immunity boosters you could obtain with a single glass of Aloe Vera juice per day!)
  • It helps cure allergies, skin inflammations and states like psoriasis and eczema, insect bites, acne, blisters, and many more
  • Diabetics find it extremely useful for balancing sugar levers
  • It relives heart burn and helps you relax
  • It improves the welfare of your teeth and gums
  • Works good for all types of illnesses, including flu and colds

Topically, you can use by simply cutting the leaves in half, and rubbing them gently on the desired place. The very same gel they release can be consumed internally, so why not preparing a delicious smoothie with it?


Cut both the sides and tip, but make sure the upper cut is not wider than your finger to stop the gel from flowing out immediately.

Take a thin knife or a mandolin, and slowly remove the inner layer. It is absolutely OK to do something wrong – with a little bit of practice, no drop will be spoiled. For best results, cut the two initial centimeters so that the mandolin grips better instead of damaging the gel (the difference is huge!)

The next step is the trickiest one, which is why you might consider replacing the mandolin with an even thinner vegetable peeler. You can also scrap the gel with a regular spoon, but try to avoid creating a mess and leaving the best part of your Aloe Vera leaf behind. Ideally, cut the middle with a mandolin, and do the sides with the peeler or the knife.

There is no reason to throw away the peels – they can give your skin some excellent, purely natural retreat. In fact, you can prepare your own aromatic and fresh face mask.

Once done, you will have a thin layer of pure aloe gel to blend in your smoothie. You can mix it with all your favorite foods, or simply add water to it. A great suggestion is to mix it with lemon and honey in order to prepare a delicious detoxification drink.

Finally, you can drink your Aloe Vera smoothie right away, or keep it in the fridge for a week the longest. Don’t remember to enjoy this new, healthy habit!


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