She Braids All Her Hair Under Her Chin, Then Flips It Over Her Head For A Stunning Look

If you’re like me, finding a nice hairstyle to complete your look in the morning is a struggle. It seems to be the same every day, but if you do alternate looks, the styles are not always extraordinary.

I have short hair, so I often opt for a small braid or a low ballerina bun. But there are so many ways to spice up these boring looks, and they’re surprisingly easy to master.

One woman’s stunning hairstyle is now taking the internet (and all beauty gurus) by surprise. Her technique is almost contradictory: She braids her hair in front of her face.

Anyone who has done hair knows that the point of tying your hair back is partially to get it out of your face, but this woman includes a twist at the end that changes everything.

Now watch her hands carefully as she takes the two parts of her hair on either side of her face and braids them together, almost like a French braid.

Then, in a single sweeping motion, she overturns the braid, flipping it over her head so that it rests on her back. This creates an elegant hair twist on either side of her face, and a lovely look anyone can try out for themselves!

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