She Went To The Doctor With Stomach Pain, But When He Saw 12,000 Of These In Her He Screamed!!!

Woman from Kolkota… or India named Minati Mondal, at the age of 48, had suffered from stomach pain and acid reflux in a period of 45 days.

When She went to hospital where the scans revealed that she have gallstones. During the surgical intervention, doctors were shocked because they find 12,000 stones inside. This probably is the new world record and the samples could be kept in London.

Minati Mondal suffered from crippling stomach pain and acid reflux in a period of two, for her, long months. The conducting tests and ultrasounds showed that she was suffering from a severe case of gallstones.

These gallstones  actually are are balls made of cholesterol and salts that were formed in the gallbladder, a little pear – shaped organ underneath the liver that stores bile. In some cases you can lead a normal life without any symptoms even though you have gallstones. But if they start to block the gallbladder they cause pain and nausea and a potentially fatal infection. While gallstones are common, a fatty diet can raise the risk, especially in women, although it’s not clear why.

However doctors did not expect to find such a large number stones.

Dr. Makhan Lala Saha who performed the laparoscopic surgery said: “I was astonished to see the large number of stones that we extracted from the gall bladder of this patient. I had never thought a gall bladder could contain so many stones.”

Dr. Saha with the help of several assistants counted all the tiny stones. They were wearing double – layered rubber gloves. After 4 hours, the assistants concluded that there were, 12,000 stones with size between 2 mm and 5 mm.

Dr Makhan Lala Saha is gastrointestinal endo surgeon at the hospital, and he said that although he was anticipating in many surgeries, he still was shocked when the number crossed the 5,000 mark.

Dr. Saha said: “Two months ago, I had operated on a girl who had 1,110 stones but despite the shocking number, I found that in 1983, doctors in Britain had removed 3,110 stones from a German patient’s gall bladder. But I feel this number can replace the past record since the current number is three times more than the record.”


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